Spell Crafting

Spell Crafting

Spell crafting is entirely optional. If you prefer a more traditional approach to managing your character, you can select spells, weapons, and items from the Game Assets. On the other hand, if spell crafting piques your interest, then this is the right path for you. All spells are constructed using at least one section, and each section is a small spell in itself. To increase complexity, you link these sections together. Every section contains one or more triggers. When one section completes its course, the next is triggered by something from the one before it. This system allows you to create highly intricate spells, with the size ultimately depending on the amount of mana or arcanite at your disposal.

A section is put together by specifying its different parts, which remain constant throughout the sections but each of them offers multiple choices. Below, you’ll find a simple explanation of how these parts function and how to connect them. Finally, at the end, there will be an example of how to create a spell.

Magic defies the natural laws of physics; every component of a spell or incantation immediately responds to its corresponding instructions. There’s no gradual buildup of heat when conjuring a fireball, and freezing something in ice doesn’t require hours of waiting. Spells react instantaneously to their triggers.

Once you’ve got the hang of crafting sections, it’s as easy as snapping your fingers to mix ’em up into a spell that’ll leave the realms in awe. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s kick things off with the building block of enchantments – creating a section!


färdiga spells                                – irongaard                                         – helt egna

kreativitet 0%                                  kreativitet 80%                                  kreativitet 100%

App 0%                                            App  80%                                                App  0%

Arbete PC 0%                                 Arbete PC 0%                                   Arbete PC 0%

Arbete GM 0%                                 Arbete GM 20%                              Arbete GM 100%

Explanation of Section Parts


Choose element: Element type – table (explanation what you can do when you create)

How much: Element amount – table

How to create: Creation type – By thin air, transform element (of the same kind), Energy only.

Shape Creation: Beond basic shape.

How to trigger spell: Triggers – instant, sound, voice,  light, vision, time, command, teleported, preasure, vibrations, touch, object/person, movement, direction, aiming, homing, speed, element.

How to trigger spell: Triggers – instant, sound, light, vision, time, command, teleported, preasure, vibrations, touch, object/person, movement, speed, element.

Will element move: Transport distance- squars

Moving speed: Speed – walk run ride fly arrow, teleport

Extra decoration: Decore – color, opek solid, sparks, smoke

Element life span: Duration – turns before spell breaks down

Loop timeTime to wait before jumping back- year, days, hours, turns, instant.

Loop jumpAmount of sections to jump back to.

DamageTypes of damage: force, heat, cold, mental.

Save – To book, scroll, Arcanite needed: potion, item, amulet.

Arcanite – If  Items are recharge they med arcanite, chose type of mana.

As you combine sections, you create increasingly powerful spells, but they also become more expensive to cast. Each section imposes a limit on the spell’s range. For instance, if you intend to erect a stone wall beyond 25 feet, you must pair it with a portal spell, as the portal element offers a range of 200 feet.

Detailed description of sections >>>