Movement is a pivotal aspect in the realm’s dynamics, and its handling varies based on its significance in shaping outcomes. The Game Master (GM) adopts diverse approaches to manage movement, considering the context. While everyday activities like market visits or tavern entries are often within the player’s domain, the methods of traversing the world are multifaceted, encompassing walking, running, riding, and even soaring through the skies. Whether it’s a grand ship with vast sails resembling a ride or a nimble skiff mimicking running, the GM expertly classifies these scenarios.

However, when distance and speed become focal points, different dimensions come into play. In the whirlwind of combat, movement is confined to relatively short distances per turn. During combat situations, your movement range aligns with your speed, typically measured in 5-feet squares. For a comprehensive grasp of the four standard movement types, refer to the chart below:

Movement Types Distance in Play Distance on Map
Walk Hour: 5 km, Day: 20 km 1/3 squares*
Run Hour: 10 km, Day: 36 km 1/2 squares*
Ride Hour: 16 km, Day: 60 km 1 squares*
Fly Hour: 50 km, Day: 180 km 3 squares*

* Map distance is referred to the Bellaria world map.

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Combat Movement

During combat, your movement is limited to the number of squares dictated by your speed.(See physical traits, speed)