Welcome to IronGaard

You’re in for a treat with IronGaard – it’s an awesome role-playing game that whisks you away to a whole new world right at your table. Picture this: it’s like you’re in a play, with a Game Master playing the playwright, and you and your friends taking on the roles of the actors. But instead of sets and props, you’ve got your words to paint the scene. And what’s cool is that this game is a bit different from a regular play – it lets you choose different paths, sort of like those “choose your own adventure” books.

Now, when you want to do something in the game, you roll a die to see how it goes. The Game Master sets up the stage and handles all the folks who aren’t players, kind of like the background characters in a play. But the real magic happens with you – you’re the star of the show, shaping your character’s destiny and deciding how they fit into the world. 

In IronGaard, you become a player character, or PC for short. Alongside your pals, who are also PCs, you dive into an adventure created by the Game Master. This adventure takes place in a fantasy realm – think knights, wizards, and epic quests. But here’s the thing: the Game Master can get creative and make their own world, or they can use the awesome world of Bellaria that’s right in the game, complete with its own stories and characters. It’s like stepping onto a fantasy stage and making the story your own.

complete with its own stories and characters. It’s like stepping onto a fantasy stage and making the story your own.

If you’re up for some gaming excitement, you’ll make a character sheet that spells out all your character’s stuff,

 like their special abilities, magical gear, and what they’re wearing. Usually, you’ll have a group of about three to six players, and each of you will be your own unique character. The game moves forward as the Game Master sets up different situations for you to tackle, using the skills and talents listed on your character sheet.

The adventures you’ll dive into can be all sorts of things – from exploring a creepy cave full of monsters to getting caught up in palace politics to help a prince take back their throne. And sometimes, it’s about racing against another group to get something done. But no matter the story, working together is key. You’ll team up with your buddies to handle challenges and lend a hand when things get tough.

Are you ready to be a player or maybe even a Game Master? Well, you’re in luck because this website’s got you covered. They’ve got rules for both roles, and guess what? It’s all free, and it’ll stay that way. If you’re all set to jump into this adventure, let’s kick things off by checking out “Creating the Player.” It’s a big deal, even if you’re planning to be the Game Master – knowing how players see things is pretty important. Once you’re feeling comfy with that, you can dig deeper into “Running the Game.” We’re really hoping you have a blast with the game, and we’re wishing you loads of luck on your journey!


In this RPG game, you’ll encounter some familiar elements like hit points, attributes, spells, combat, and character advancement. However, it also introduces its own distinct world and gameplay mechanics. If you’re someone who relishes the idea of tailoring your experience, whether it’s honing in on specific body parts during battles, concocting your own lethal poison-tipped arrows, devising one-of-a-kind spells, or crafting enchanted amulets, then this game is crafted with your preferences in mind. It opens up abundant avenues for experimentation and the free expression of your creative instincts. Unlike conventional RPGs, where progression hinges on amassing experience points and following predetermined paths with each level,

This game takes a unique approach to progression. Instead of dividing it into distinct levels, your character evolves gradually based on your actions. You have the freedom to concentrate on a specific set of actions, honing your expertise in a narrow field through repetitive practice. On the other hand, you can opt for versatility, engaging in various activities to expand your skillset. The decision is entirely yours, enabling you to mold your character’s advancement in a manner that aligns with your preferred playstyle.

Creating a player

If you’re eager to learn how to become a player in IronGaard, there’s a concise summary page available under “Creating Your Player.” This page provides a brief description of the essential components you need to familiarize yourself with. You’ll find distinct links that offer in-depth explanations of each aspect. Additionally, on the far right of the menu, you can access helpful tools and templates designed to facilitate your gameplay experience.

Running the game

If you’re interested in becoming a Game Master in IronGaard, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on the “Running the Game” page. This resource is specifically tailored to help you navigate your role as the mastermind behind the game. It provides detailed insights into the various aspects you need to understand and master. From crafting captivating scenarios to managing non-player characters and creating immersive environments, this guide covers it all. Additionally, you’ll discover valuable tips and techniques to enhance your storytelling abilities and keep your players engaged. Embrace the challenge and embark on your journey as a Game Master in IronGaard!