Rex Academia

The art of magic and its divination has unfolded gradually over countless millennia, as the inherent properties of arca particles and their diverse wave lengths were unveiled. In ancient times, scholars and mystics dedicated themselves to understanding the intricacies of these mystical energies, ultimately establishing distinct schools of magic. Together called rex academia.

Among the schools, the practitioners of short wave length magic found solace in the healing and defensive arts. With their gentle touch, they mended wounds and ailments with precision, offering comfort and restoration to those in need. Their spells wove a protective shield, repelling malevolent forces and safeguarding both individuals and communities.

In the heart of battle, the wielders of medium wave length magic emerged as formidable combatants. Their skills honed for close quarters, they channeled their power into blades wreathed in elemental fury. Flames danced upon their weapons, scorching adversaries with searing heat, while acidic mists corroded armor and weakened the resolve of their foes. Their mastery of medium range distance magic rendered them the guardians of the front lines. With fiery incantations and the conjuring of acidic storms, they reshaped landscapes, decimating obstacles and reshuffling nature’s balance. They brought both destruction and renewal, wielding the power of arca particles to leave an indelible mark upon the world.

In the realm of long wave length spells within the hallowed halls of academia, the practitioners of these rare and revered arts explored the boundless expanse of their capabilities. They harnessed arca particles to forge portals, bridging vast distances and opening gateways to realms unknown. Through their mental prowess, they peered into the depths of minds and prophesied the future, unraveling the secrets hidden within the cosmic tapestry.

Each school of magic boasted its own prestigious academy, where budding mages immersed themselves in rigorous training and study. Graduates emerged from these esteemed institutions, equipped with a solid foundation and a deep understanding of their chosen field. But their journey did not end there.

The true evolution of a mage began beyond the confines of academia. Through personal exploration, experimentation, and honing their skills, these spellcasters embraced their individuality and unlocked the full extent of their potential. Their growth and advancement were no longer constrained by the walls of an institution but driven by their own dedication and relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Thus, the divination of magic continued its timeless dance, unfurling its secrets across the ages. Aspiring mages embarked on an enchanting path, seeking to weave their own destinies and leave an indelible mark on the tapestry of magic. Through the symbiosis of ancient teachings and personal discovery, they transcended the limits of their chosen school, becoming masters of their craft, and reshaping the world with their formidable abilities.

Divina Bellatori

Deep within the heart of an unforgiving, frozen northern mountain chain lies the awe-inspiring Shieldwall Citadel. This monumental fortress, once known as the venerable dwarven city of RaanAk, has been transformed into a bastion of power and mysticism, now home to the revered Order of Divina Bellatori. These enigmatic war priests are masters of short-wavelength magic, and they have forged a legacy that includes legendary tales of stone protection and ice metal spells, as well as their unparalleled healing abilities.

Shieldwall Citadel stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of its inhabitants. Carved meticulously into the living rock of the mountains of Raan, the citadel’s architecture pays homage to the dwarven craftsmanship of old while bearing the distinctive mark of the Order. Massive stone walls, adorned with intricate runes and mystical sigils, protect the citadel from both the elements and potential threats.

The Order of Divina Bellatori, whose sanctum now resides within these hallowed halls, is renowned throughout the icy north for their formidable prowess. These war priests are clad in intricate armor crafted from enchanted ice and metal, which is both a symbol of their mastery over the cold and a potent source of their power. With their short-wavelength magic, they can summon blizzards to obscure their foes, conjure impenetrable barriers of ice, and imbue their weapons with the chilling might of the north. In short they are called “Bellatori“.

The Book

Stone Templar Storm Bringer Frost Guardian

Magus Militarum

Amidst a treacherous chain of islands in the  Denari Sea, relentlessly pounded by the powerful sea, relentless winds, and unending storms, lies the enigmatic Blazekeep Castle. This formidable fortress serves as the secretive headquarters of the Magus Militarum, a mysterious order of battle mages who have honed their mastery over medium-wavelength magic. They are the controllers of fire, electricity, and corrosive acid, formidable and fearsome foes in combat, the kind one would be ill-fated to cross paths with in a dark alley.

Blazekeep Castle itself is a hidden marvel, shrouded in perpetual mist and veiled from the knowledge of most. Its ancient stone walls, blackened by the fiery magic that resides within, stand defiantly against the relentless assaults of the tempestuous sea and unrelenting gales. The castle’s isolated location, surrounded by treacherous waters and jagged rocks, adds to its aura of mystery and protection.

Its labyrinthine corridors are filled with arcane tomes and chambers dedicated to the study and practice of their formidable magic. Hidden beneath the castle’s foundations lie ancient catacombs filled with relics and artifacts of immense power, kept as closely guarded secrets. Blazekeep Castle and its secretive inhabitants stand as an indomitable and formidable force. In short they are called “Militari“.

Venom Reaper Flame Hunter Spark Weaver

Devoti Mentalis

Deeep within the age-old crater of the Moon Desert, hidden away from the scorching sun and buried beneath layers of sandstone, lies the enigmatic Shadowcloak Valley. This clandestine sanctuary is the home of the Combat Sentinels, a secretive order known as the Devoti Mentalis, practitioners of long-wavelength magic. Feared by many due to their dark and mystifying abilities, they are masters of teleportation, telekinesis, and mind control.

Concealed beneath the relentless sands of the Moon Desert. Its entrance is camouflaged by nature itself, blending seamlessly into the rugged terrain of the crater. Inside, a labyrinthine network of underground tunnels and chambers serves as the sanctum of the Devoti Mentalis, hidden away from the prying eyes of the world.

They possess the ability to teleport across distances in the blink of an eye, allowing them to appear and disappear at will, making them elusive and unpredictable adversaries. Their telekinetic powers enable them to manipulate objects with mere thoughts, a resourceful ability.

Perhaps the most unsettling of their abilities is their mastery over mind. The Devoti Mentalis can infiltrate the thoughts and wills of others, bending them to their desires and commanding them like puppets on strings. This power makes them feared and mistrusted by those who have heard tales of their dark influence. In short they are called “Theatri


Portalbane Kenetic Warden Mindbreaker

War priests

Grand entrance

Orc Head master Torbin Coin

Within the heart of the grand Dwarven mountain city, a sprawling labyrinthine expanse awaits those who venture inside. The citadel is a testament to dwarven craftsmanship, with its numerous halls, towering statues of legendary dwarf kings, and multiple levels intricately carved into the mountain’s rocky core.

The city’s design places a premium on defense, with stout stone walls and elaborate fortifications. Guarded entrances and well-placed watchtowers ensure that the city can withstand any threat. At its center lies a massive courtyard, bustling with war priests going about their daily tasks and trade. This open space serves as the heart of the city, a gathering point for its industrious inhabitants.

Mazes of tunnels and passageways snake through the mountain’s depths, connecting different districts and levels of the city. Some of these tunnels are perilous and winding, serving as both a means of transportation and a strategic defense against intruders. The priests are masters of navigating this complex network, while outsiders often find themselves lost in its labyrinthine complexity.

In the winter months, the citadel house animals within specially designed stables and shelters carved into the mountain. These hardy creatures provide essential resources like food, wool, and transport.

One notable vulnerability of the city is its reliance on imported food. Due to the mountainous terrain, they must transport food from external sources, making their supply lines susceptible to disruption. This vulnerability is countered by the city’s strong defenses and resourcefulness, as the magic schools are known for their ability to adapt to challenging circumstances.

At the highest level of the city, you’ll find the portal room. This chamber holds great significance, as it is the gateway to other realms and distant lands. Portals are meticulously crafted and carefully guarded, allowing for trade and communication with other civilizations. The portal room is a symbol of the connection to the broader world and their determination to thrive in the heart of their mountain home.

In this grand Dwarven mountain city, tradition and innovation coexist, and the inhabitants’ resilience and craftsmanship are on full display. The city stands as a testament to their enduring spirit and unwavering commitment to defending their Guild from all who would seek to threaten it.

Battle mages

Central command chamber

Elven Head master Fiora Silverstream

On the greatest island, a remarkable fortress known as Blazekeep stands as a beacon of power and mystique. Sometimes at night, the castle becomes a mesmerizing spectacle, with flames and lightning dancing around its towering walls, reminiscent of the northern lights. Despite its imposing exterior, within the castle’s rugged embrace lies an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Many of its chambers are nestled underground, and it is said that one can access the castle even from sea level.

Inside Blazekeep, the warmth of fire magic permeates every corner, and the castle is replete with beautiful fireplaces in each room, earning it the nickname “the House of Many Fires”. The enchanting glow of these hearths casts a soothing light throughout the underground chambers. The walls are adorned with intricate wooden carvings, celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship of the inhabitants.

The furnishings are a testament to the castle’s dedication to comfort and elegance. Elaborately carved wooden furniture graces the rooms, enhancing the homely atmosphere and showcasing the skill of the craftsmen who call Blazekeep their home.

For the battle mages who reside within Blazekeep, a grand battle hall serves as a sacred space for honing their formidable skills. Here, they practice their spells and incantations, testing their might and mastery over fire, lightning, and other elements. The echoes of their magical duels reverberate within the hall, a testament to their dedication and power.

Every entrance to Blazekeep is vigilantly guarded, and knowledge of the castle’s layout is a closely guarded secret. The fortress is designed to confound and deter any potential intruders, with winding passageways and concealed doors that can easily lead an unwelcome guest astray. Only a select few possess the intricate knowledge needed to navigate the labyrinthine interior with ease. This intricate defense strategy ensures that the castle’s secrets and the powerful abilities of its inhabitants remain well-protected, contributing to Blazekeep’s reputation as an impregnable sanctuary of magic and mystery.

Combat centinels

Spirit hall

Goblin Head master Blix Grizznok

Hidden from view in its deep gorge, Shadowcloak Valley is a concealed marvel, where an entire city thrives, cleverly built into the sandstone rock. The architecture within this subterranean city is a captivating blend of beauty and simplicity, deeply influenced by the rich and enduring desert cultures. The design of the structures is practical and functional, reflecting the resourcefulness needed to thrive in the harsh desert environment.

Inside, the city boasts elegant archways and intricately carved sandstone facades, creating a stunning contrast against the stark backdrop of the gorge. The use of cool, earthen tones and vibrant accents evokes a sense of harmony with the desert landscape. While the architecture is alluring, the interiors are often Spartan, a reflection of the desert’s unforgiving nature and the need for efficient living.

The inner courtyard market serves as a bustling hub of activity, where vendors from surrounding tribes come together to trade goods, share stories, and exchange ideas. It’s a place where the old meets the new, where traditions are honored, and innovation is embraced, in contrast to most legends spread by city folks about the dark magic going on in the desert.

One of the city’s most prized features is the vast water pond, which is replenished with water drawn from the deep recesses of the desert. This precious resource is a lifeline for the city, providing sustenance and sustenance for both its residents and the visiting desert tribes. The pond makes it possible to have hidden gardens, making the guild self-reliant.

While the city folk may at times be unsettled by the mysterious guild that inhabits Shadowcloak Valley, the desert tribes recognize the value of this hidden oasis. For them, it’s a place of refuge, a source of trade and sustenance, and a testament to the enduring spirit of those who call the desert home. In the depths of the gorge, Shadowcloak Valley thrives as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of desert life, where cultures converge and the hidden beauty of the desert is brought to light.