Aming options

The guidelines for standard close-quarters combat targeting include limitations based on you and your opponent’s size. Below, you’ll find the size-dependent limitations. Should any particular circumstances arise, the Game Master will determine the availability of unique special maneuver choices.

Under normal circumstances, your reach extends to the areas marked in red. The named body parts lie beyond your range.

Unusual circumstances

As opponents grow larger, longer, or possess more extremities, the GM will outline the associated constraints.

To anticipate the target area, refer to the image above and extrapolate for creatures of greater or smaller size. Additional body parts like legs, arms, or wings will be treated as supplementary aiming squares, akin to those used in focus aiming.


To implement the aforementioned configuration for a dragon, the initial step involves incorporating additional body parts. As illustrated in the left image, an adjustment of the HP distribution is required to accommodate the expanded set of segments.

Put the aiming square in the new body part, and observe the corresponding numbers it aligns with. In the instance provided, for a hit on the right wing, the squares in question are 2, 6, and 10. Conversely, for the left wing, the correlated squares are 4, 6, and 8.

The final decision on this matter rests with the Game Master, yet understanding the potential outcomes can be advantageous for planning purposes.