Progressing the Pc

Mental Index

The Mental State Index assesses a character’s psychological well-being, with its baseline set at zero. Positive factors such as good luck, alcohol, or overconfidence elevate levels of bravery and positivity. Conversely, the index diminishes as challenges intensify, brought on by overwhelming enemies or bouts of bad luck.

The Mental Index is a game mechanic designed to simulate the impact of self-confidence on players’ characters, allowing their in-game actions and decisions to be influenced by this psychological aspect

In a tabletop role-playing game, whenever the players encounter situations of good or bad luck, the Game Master has the flexibility to subtly adjust the difficulty. This could involve granting an additional dice roll for a chance to improve the outcome, or increasing the target number that must be reached for success. This dynamic allows the Game Master to maintain balance and enhance the gaming experience

Progressing Physical traits & Skill traits

When you need to use your Physical skills, they are grouped in static traits and progressing.  HIT POINTS and SPEED are not progressing.


Both physical traits and skill traits are collectively referred to as special maneuvers. These maneuvers come into play when performing actions crucial for achieving more specialized feats. Here’s how it works: Roll a 1d20, add your bonus, and await the Game Master’s evaluation. Success is achieved if you meet or exceed the required score. Rolling a 1 results in an automatic failure, while rolling a 20 leads to an automatic success. Both successes and failures contribute to your point tally. Accumulating 10 points grants you a +1 bonus enhancement.

Progressing Elements & Mana

In the realm of spells, the progression lies not in the spells themselves, but in your growing familiarity with the elements they encompass. Each distinct element begins with a base value of 10. This indicates that its mana cost remains at its full amount as you employ it.  (Mana cost can be found under Game Assets>Spells or under Spell Crafting) An element with a value of 8, however, offers a cost reduction of 20% compared to the regular expense.

Upon commencing your journey, your character’s class determines the initial cost values. However, as you wield spells featuring diverse elemental types, you have the opportunity to advance in the realm of mana expenditure.

Achieving a roll result of 1-10 or 90-00 during a general aim bestows a point and advances your tracker. So if you had a reduction of 20% it is now 21%

If you opt not to advance in a particular element, you have the option to increase your mana pool by 1%. To start, you have 100 mana, but by applying this choice, your mana capacity increases to 101.

As you advance, it’s important to note that mana consumption cannot reach zero. Instead, it levels off, ultimately settling at a minimum percentage for that class.


Taking into account an average of 40 weeks of play per year, with sessions lasting 5 hours each, and assuming each session includes three combat encounters with 12 turns all together, you would have 480 opportunities to cast spells annually.

If you have a 10% chance to gain a point each time you roll a d20, which equates to 2 times per 20 rolls, after 480 rolls you would accumulate 48 points. You can distribute these points as outlined previously.

This could result in an increase of mana to 148 or a reduction in elemental cost by 48%. This would be, on average, equivalent to reaching level 10 with a mana pool of 200 typically representing the average for level 20.



Progressing Weapons & Shields

You progress your weapons by group. You can see under Items>weapons the list and groping of the weapons. For example, longswords and broadswords follow the same progression, but it differs for daggers and morningstars.

If you get the result between 01-10 or 90-00, you earn a point and advances the tracker. Progress to the next step once you accumulate 10 points, for example going from Rookie I to Rookie II. (Table for general aiming>>>). You start off as a rookie 1/3, once you get 20 points you progress to rookie 2/3.

The advancement of a weapon’s proficiency is specific to each type of weapon; therefore, if you improve in swords, it will not impact your proficiency with bows and arrows. To view the arrangement of weapons, go to >>>

Progressing Refelx & Block

If you get the result between 01-10 or 90-00, you earn a point and advances the tracker. Progress to the next step once you accumulate 10 points. Their will never be a 100% block success. Yuo will allways allway lose on 01-10.

Progressing Crafting

Two categories of crafting exist: spells and items. Spell progression involves reducing mana consumption, either from the total mana cost or a specific elemental cost, which depends on the spellcaster’s chosen element during casting. Therefore, the advancement lies not in the crafting process itself, but in diminishing mana use. By decreasing the mana expended when casting a spell, you accumulate opportunities to forge more intricate and sophisticated spells.